Memories Time Concert


Musical Legends to present evening of great music at Cotai Arena

코타이 아레나

날짜 및 시간
2020년 1월 18일 (토) 오후 8:00



Performing the hits that made them all famous will be five iconic fan favourites: timeless singer songwriter Tayu Lo, ‘Prince of Love Ballads’ Jeff Chang, singer and actor Ken Chu, Singaporean powerhouse Tanya Chua and Mandopop legend Julia Pang. All five acts, whose careers span three generations, will perform on a state of the art stage, featuring world-class production, including audio-visual, choreography and wardrobe.

Tayu Lo launched his career in the 1980s, becoming one of the most influential Mandopop singer-songwriters. He has released several best-selling albums, and had hits including “Master of the Future”, “Orphan of Asia”, “Tomorrow Will Be Better”, “Lover/Comrade”, “Love Song 1990 and “Queen's Road East”. He has been recognised by the Hong King Film Awards, Taiwan Golden Horse Awards and MTV Video Music Awards.

Taiwanese pop singer, actor and theatre team leader Jeff Chang, known as the “Prince of Love Ballads”, has released a string of top-selling albums and is popular across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and mainland China.

Ken Chu enjoyed success as a member of Taiwanese boy band F4 before starting his solo career. He has also starred in popular television dramas “Meteor Garden” and “The Legend of Chu Liuxiang”, and played the lead role in movies “The Tokyo Trial” and “Sky of Love”.

Tanya Chua, a three-time winner of Golden Melody Awards ‘Best Mandarin Female Singer’ and ‘Best Album Producer’. She has released more than 15 albums, and had hits with tracks including “All Right”, “Where I Belong”, “Treasure the World”, “Purple” and “Nightglow”.

Julia Pang is a Mandopop singer, songwriter and actress who has gained popularity for her striking, powerful vocals. She won ‘Best Mandarin Female Singer’ and ‘Best New Artist’ at the Golden Melody Awards and has had success with love ballads including “Brief Encounter” and “Various Loneliness”.

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VIP석 예약: 1,580MOP/HKD
A석 예약: 1,180MOP/HKD
B석 예약: 780MOP/HKD
C석 예약: 580MOP/HKD
D석 예약: 380MOP/HKD

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  • VIP석 예약 관람권 + 코타이 워터 제트 코타이 클래스 왕복 탑승권: 1,708MOP/HKD
  • A석 예약 관람권 + 코타이 워터 제트 코타이 클래스 왕복 탑승권: 1,308MOP/HKD
  • B석 예약 관람권 + 코타이 워터 제트 코타이 클래스 왕복 탑승권: 908MOP/HKD
  • C석 예약 관람권 + 코타이 워터 제트 코타이 클래스 왕복 탑승권: 708MOP/HKD
  • D석 예약 관람권 + 코타이 워터 제트 코타이 클래스 왕복 탑승권: 508MOP/HKD