Korean Drama "Fated to Love You"
Being the perfect location for the romance-themed Korean TV drama, the integrated resort will be featured in “Fated to Love You” starring Jang Hyuk and Jang Na-Ra, where certain scenes were filmed. Locations used during shooting included iconic attractions like the beautiful Grand Canal Shoppes and St. Mark’s Square, the outdoor lagoon, one of the luxurious hotel suites, and the ornate hotel main lobby. “Fated to Love You” tells a Cinderella story of an ordinary office lady, played by Jang Na-Ra, who wins a tour package to a resort, where she meets a young business conglomerate heir, played by Jang Hyuk. The pair is forced to get married after their romantic rendezvous results in an unexpected pregnancy. The episodes reunite the two leading actors, who previously starred together 12 years earlier on another romantic comedy TV series.

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