Dragon King Restaurant

Dragon King Restaurant Group was established in 2003 by chef Wong Wing Chee and has been promoting fusion Chinese cuisine for over a decade.  
Besides showcasing the essence of Cantonese cuisine, Dragon King Restaurant is also dedicated to blending innovation with an extraordinary dining experience, which results in superb taste while bringing out the best out of exotic ingredients.

샌즈 리워드 회원 전용 혜택:
*골드 등급 회원 10% 할인, 루비 등급 회원 15% 할인, 다이아몬드 등급 회원 20% 할인.

일반 정보

영업 시간:

오전 11:30 - 오후 3:00
오후 5:30 - 오후 11:00

853, 3층, The Venetian Macao

+853 2882 9211