MM 삼용&해산물 전문점(MM Superior Tonic)

MM Superior Tonic opened at Shoppes at Four Seasons in April 2017. We sell the best tonic from all over the world : Cordyceps , Birds Nest, American Ginseng, Sea Cucumber, health food etc... All of our products are loved by the people.
Our key business objective is "Contribute to society, Keep it honest". We are committed to provide the genuine products. At the same time, our staffs are full of enthusiasm and professional knowledge. Moreover, we are also providing the value –added services: limousine service, China free delivery service, hotel booking service to our guests.

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Shoppes at Four Seasons
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Product Description
Cordyceps sinensis,also known as Cordyceps.It is superior tonic and has more nutrition  than ginseng. It can improve immunity, nourishing lung and kidney, anti-cancer and so on.
Swallow nest is the edible nest of Aerodramus,Apodidae, which is mucilagenous secretion of swallows.It has been one of the traditional noble food since Ming Dynasty.
American Ginseng mainly grow in in United States and Canada.It can be categoried in wild and transplanted.American Ginseng can replenish Qi, clean inner heat, help produce saliva and slake thirst, improve spleen and appetize, so on.
Sea cucumber is made from Thelenota ananas.It is a kind of rare seafood with high protein, low fat and low cholesterol.It is an ideal tonic because of its rich nutrition.
Abalone is made from fresh abalone, is a kind of seafood with high nutrition .It is regarded as the "king of superior seafood" by people since ancient times.It has excellent effect in protecting eyes.