DG Lifestyle Store

DG, our short name of our retail company "Designer Group Company". Since 1994, we start selling "Macintosh Computer" in small scale in Windsor House; our first sold Mac model is the "Performa CD Series". Then In year 1999, we have been appointed as the "First Apple Center" in Asia Pacific and we have won the "Worldwide Best Apple Center" award in the year of 2000, after that we have also won many other awards such as the "Winner of Apple Best Sales Performance", "Best Apple identity Award", "Best Apple Store Performance", "Best Apple Revenue Growth Award" and "Best Apple Marketing Effort Awards".

878호 매장, Mask Street, 3층
베네시안 쇼핑 몰(Shoppes at Venetian)

영업 시간:
일요일 - 목요일 10:00am - 11:00pm
금요일 - 토요일 10:00am - 00:00am

+853 2857 6386

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